Luxurious Interior Design Styles of 2023

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Whether you're considering a new home or want to spruce up the current one, interior design aesthetics go a long way in creating dynamic spaces. Maybe you want something more modern with monochromatic details and sharp lines or something a bit softer with a natural touch. Either way, there's a design for you out there. These trending designs speak to our senses and align with our way of living, creating a sanctuary of comfort and style for us to embrace each day. Home offices and flex rooms are increasingly popular, as are pops of color and exciting patterns.
Change is inevitable; with change comes excitement and a bright new perspective. We at the Larson Group have created a list of the most luxurious interior design styles trending into 2023 that will inspire and incite change. These designs are varied, from contemporary to classic, and enough to satisfy everyone's aesthetic choices. Here are some luxurious interior design styles to look forward to in the coming year.

Art Deco

A beloved style, Art Deco focuses on ornate details with bright colors and bold patterns. Symmetry is essential here. Using geometric shapes to create bold accent walls can inspire fun and liveliness. Additionally, using these shapes and colors in rooms with higher traffic, like the kitchen and flex rooms, can harness the energy and create a soothing effect. Consider bright pops of color and intricate designs on the counter and floors next time you redecorate.

Soft colors and natural light

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Is bright and vibrant not your thing? That's okay! Soft and earthy tones are trending and can enhance your spaces in simple ways. Choose from shades of brown, cream, gray, blue, and green to create a natural and warm feeling. These colors will benefit your mood and help make a seamless transition from exterior to interior. Pair these colors with plenty of natural light from large, bare windows and reflective surfaces to bring the feeling of being outdoors inside a bit. Natural light enhances the room's overall mood. It helps with sleep patterns and mood, so there's a huge plus to getting more vitamin D!

Indoor gardens and natural elements

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We touched on how bringing the outside in with lighter, more natural colors is beneficial, but bringing the outside in is even more helpful. Various decorative elements reflect the environment, which can complement your colors. Consider adding textures like wood, terracotta, and stone to create a well-rounded natural setting with throw rugs, tables, lights, or wall decor.
You can also add plants, and not just a houseplant or two. Creating a larger-scale interior garden has become increasingly popular, especially in redefined office spaces. Consider small fountains, large-scale indoor plants, and rockeries. Not only are these outstanding design elements, but they provide a wealth of health and wellness benefits.

Home offices

Speaking of home offices, they are becoming as common in homes as kitchens and entertainment spaces. These spaces should reflect your style and be customized to fit your needs. If you're working from home, you want to be as comfortable as possible to increase productivity and comfort. This means setting up that space to follow your working pattern and decorating the room to inspire motivation.
Do you enjoy privacy and quiet when you work? Consider using a spare bedroom far from your home's entertainment center. If you prefer to be in the heart of the house, multi-tasking with chores and meal prep, consider a higher-traffic area like the kitchen or dining space.


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Another popular set-up in the design industry is the concept of wellness spaces. Self-care is an essential aspect of daily life and critical for improving well-being, so creating a dedicated environment to facilitate healthy living is an excellent idea. This could mean creating a room dedicated to exercise and fitness. Maybe you'd like a yoga studio where you can practice slowing down and becoming more mindful or a home gym where you can boost serotonin levels and maximize energy. It could also mean simply creating a layout that free flows and allows for a more positive atmosphere. Creating spaces with less – like Feng shui, wabi-sabi, and Japandi aesthetics – are excellent for creating positive spaces.

Highlighting alcoves and arches

Alcoves and arches are an increasingly popular addition to many homes, creating a unique architectural design. They represent strength and support and can create striking visual elements and transitions between rooms. Around the Renaissance, these niches and alcoves were used to highlight things like sculptures. Though many people allow their pretty decorations to collect dust in these spaces, they are making a comeback. Using functional designs and bold shapes or patterns can become visually exciting and draw the eye to a focal point.
Additionally, consider creating a usable space out of them by using it as a command center or small office.


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Monochromatic interiors, especially a combination of paint plus furniture and decor, will create a more memorable space. These can be in various hues, bright and bold, or more natural. Consider slightly different shades of the primary color, multiple textures, and various shapes.
This design aesthetic will help create a balanced atmosphere that generates peace and harmony.

Soft golds

Another color palate to consider is gold, but not the harsh gold you might think. Consider a warm and gentle shade of gold, slightly more earthy and natural. When choosing shades, consider those that remind you of golden hour sunsets and sandy tones, as they will provide a grounding feeling. They also aid in other design aesthetics like desert-modern trends and outdoor-natural trends.

Mudrooms and laundry rooms

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Luxurious styles are taking up every room in the house, even in mud rooms and laundry rooms. These functional spaces are becoming more innovative and include luxury features seamlessly blending with the rest of the home. Whether you're adding design styles that coordinate with kitchens and bathrooms or adding textures and elements that flow through the living spaces, these rooms are now included.
This is certainly not all of the luxurious interior design styles you'll find moving into 2023, but these are some of the more popular. It should be no surprise that wellness and nature-inspired trends are popular as they inspire harmony, which everyone is looking for in their home spaces. We don't just want comfort. We want to create a sanctuary.
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