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Every home is different. No two homes are the same.

You’re hiring us to make sure you get the maximum value for your home, within your time frame. We have a rich history of high sales productivity and enviable reputation for ethical and professional conduct. We’re aggressive and the proof is in our annual sales—even in down turn real estate years.

Today, remaining independent is hard to maintain with the high cost of new technology and the need for more specialized training. But with our partnership with Keller Williams, we’re able to tap into a robust, fully-connected real estate platform to offer buyers and sellers a personalized, digital experience that is demanded in today’s marketplace.

In fact, last year alone, Keller Williams invested over $40 million in new technology. And it’s for this reason Larson Group—with over 100 years of combined real estate experience—partners with Keller Williams to give our clients the best option when buying or selling a home in the Brained Lakes area.

Keller Williams is the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world. In addition, Keller Williams is now the fastest growing real estate franchise in Minneapolis and this can provide more prospective buyers to Crosslake and the surrounding community for Larson Group.

You should know, our wealth of experience has earned us the number one team with Keller Williams in the state of Minnesota in total sales volume. Simply put, reaching goals like that speaks volumes to how much our clients believe in us


We’ve invested more in our website and technology than most real estate firms. You’ll find our website offers a unique format that makes searching property easier with fewer clicks.

This extensive marketing of your home on our website assures you exposure to a large number of qualified buyers. The second your home hits our website Larson Group buyers will receive an alert that lets them know your home is available….we call it Instant Buyers’ Notification and it works.

The ultimate technology tool.

The Internet is king now. In fact, it’s estimated that over 90 percent of people will start their property search by using the Internet first.

We embrace that technology as well as other social media platforms. Better yet, we understand the importance of taking quality digital photos and designing tools to showcase your property in the best possible way.

And with our partnership with Keller Williams, we’re able to tap into a robust, fully-connected real estate platform to offer buyers and sellers a personalized, digital experience that is demanded in today’s marketplace.

At Your Service

At Your Service is another Larson Group exclusive. Call it a personal valet or your own concierge, we’ll help you with a variety of services to make your moving/closing process go as smooth as possible. Our clients love the fact that we have a list of recommended service providers, whether you need landscape work, repairs, plowing or even want to use our own moving truck, count on us to be your single resource to help you make those critical arrangements.

Our clients found our experience significantly increased the odds that their real estate needs were met. We know it will be done in less time and with less effort for you. Here are our objectives in listing and marketing your property:

  • Secure as many buyers as possible that are qualified to purchase your property.
  • Communicate the results of our activities to you.
  • Assist you in getting the highest dollar value for your property with the least amount of problems for you.
  • Constantly look for the best possible methods of exposing your property to potential buyers in the marketplace.
  • Submit your property to the NorthStar Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and our website.
  • Submit copies of your listing to our sales staff for their potential buyers.
  • Develop a list of features and benefits of your property for the cooperating agents to use while showing to their potential buyers.
  • Suggest and advise you to any changes you might want to make in your property to make it even more marketable to the buyer.
  • Regularly update you to any changes in current market conditions.
  • Inform surrounding property owners in your neighborhood that your property is on the market.
  • Display a professional sign and lockbox.
  • Advertise—we are aggressive.
  • We have billboards located in three prominent locations throughout the area.
  • All of our properties are displayed on our website at
  • Pre-qualify, when possible, all prospective buyers.
  • Follow up on the agents that have shown your property to their prospective buyers and give you as much feedback as possible.
  • Digitally display your property to its fullest potential on a large screen format in our highly visible office location.
  • Present all contracts and help negotiate the best possible price and terms on your behalf.
  • Help negotiate and assist with any house inspection items.
  • Handle follow-up and keep you informed on closing procedures after your property has been sold.
  • Order necessary water tests, septic inspections and survey work for closing

Larson Group is part of ListHub, which is the nation’s number one network for listing distribution because we have an aggressive strategy for attracting homebuyers to our listings. We believe that by distributing your listing information, along with photographs, to a wide array of premier consumer websites, we’ll maximize every opportunity to attract qualified buyers to the table

An agent from our firm or a member of our support staff will always attempt to notify you personally before your property is shown. If an agent from another company within the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) wishes to show your property, that appointment will also be arranged through our office.

Occasionally, we will be unable to contact you and for that reason we need to have a key available in the lockbox so that the property can still be shown and a possible sale is not lost. If someone stops by and wants to inspect your home without an appointment, we recommend that you do one of two things:

  1. Ask then to wait while you call your agent our office and have one of our agents come to the house to show it.
  2. Give them one of your agent’s cards he or she left with you and ask them to call for an appointment.
    These suggestions are made for your own protection. We want every person who goes through your home to be a qualified buyer. We’ll try to give you suggestions on how to improve the “showability” of your home.

Naturally, a home that is very neat and clean inspires more confidence in the buyer. Our expertise has shown that it is much easier to sell a home to a relaxed buyer. We feel it contributes to a more successful showing if the seller is either not at home or avoids contact with the buyer. If any questions arise, we will certainly contact you. And we’ll always advise you of the results of the showing.

When a prospect is ready to buy an “offer to purchase” will be written. This is a legal document, which, when signed by both the buyer and the seller, becomes a binding sales contact.

This Purchase Agreement, which will be thoroughly explained by your realtor, will contain all of the terms and conditions of the sale such as:

  1. Purchase price
  2. Financing terms
  3. Any special contingencies
  4. Amount of earnest money
  5. Acceptance date
  6. Closing date

Determining a property’s market value is a complex procedure that involves cooperation between the realtor and the owner of the property. In every real estate transaction, all parties are concerned that the property involved be sold for a fair price using the Competitive Market Analysis.

Using the Market Data approach

The use of market data in estimating real estate values involves the comparison of your property with similar properties, which have recently sold (comparative).

These considerations are limited as much as possible to properties which are believed to have a high degree of similarity and to transactions which involved informed buyers and sellers who negotiate freely in the open market.

As a method, it is based on the idea that a prudent person will pay no more for a property than it will cost to secure a comparable substitute. The approach is not intended to limit in any way the actual selling price of the property. It does, however, provide a strong foundation upon which sellers may base expectations regarding their selling price.

Your property or home is full of personal stories and is worth a great deal to you. Perhaps it represents hours of handiwork, the early years of your kid’s lives or years of happiness and memories. However, your property has a defined market value, which is determined by what a knowledgeable buyer will pay after it has been exposed to the market for a reasonable period of time.

Our property will not compare favorably with similar properties that are accurately priced, so you will, in fact, be helping to sell your competition.

  • An overpriced property will remain on the market too long, prompting buyers to feel there is something wrong with it.
  • If your property does not sell quickly, you may be forced to own two properties or it may even prevent a timely move.
  • If your property should sell at an inflated price, a low appraisal will make financing more difficult, possibly even costing you a sale.
  • It reduces the sales associates’ activity and enthusiasm.
  • It reduces advertising responses.
  • It discourages qualified buyers from making a realistic offer,
    based on their education of the market.

The Internet is king now. In fact it’s estimated that over 90 percent of people will start their property search by using the Internet first.

We embrace that technology as well as other social media platforms. Better yet, we understand the importance of taking quality digital photos and designing tools to showcase your property in the best possible way.

There’s a distinct difference between our website and other sites among Real Estate firms in the lakes area. We’ve worked hard with you in mind to make our website simple, easy and intuitive to quickly find what buyers are looking for.

We also offers buyers another unique option: We call it the Instant Buyers Notification that allows us to email buyers who want to be informed of the latest listings as they come on the market.

For us, we make it a point to be on the front edge of new technology to give our clients maximum exposure as marketing options become available. Our partnership with Keller Williams means your property will have access to the most sophisticated marketing technologies available today

It’s your agent’s responsibility to coordinate the paperwork and other activities, which must be completed prior to closing. This is where our years of experience really pays off.
Typical of the many details to be handled.

  • Sign all closing documents.
  • Provide your abstract (if you have one).
  • Make arrangements to move to your new home.
  • Discontinue the telephone, cable TV, Internet, security system, etc. (We’re not authorized to do these tasks for you.)
  • Deposit your check or provide wiring instructions for a transfer to a Title Company.

First impressions are important

Overall, if the outside of your home does not look well kept, buyers will hesitate inspecting the interior. Also, keep the inside of your home neat and clean as possible. Remember, uncluttered rooms look larger and more attractive.

Typically, there is no need to completely re-decorate. If there are walls that need painting or cleaning, woodwork that needs paint or varnish or other miscellaneous items that could be easily completed we highly recommend that you do so. This will definitely aid in the sale of your home.

  • Clean windows always help.
  • Leaking faucets always raise a question about plumbing—they are generally easy to repair.
  • Fix loose doorknobs and sticky drawers.
  • Keep stairways clear of all unnecessary objects to avoid possible injuries.
  • Keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
  • Try to keep pets outside the home during an inspection and clean up pet droppings in the yard.
  • Keep air smelling fresh—air fresheners and candles are nice.
  • Clothing properly hung and arranged will make the smallest closet look ample. Remove all clothes, shoes, etc. not in use. Remove all unnecessary items from storage areas. Unused items are better off packed and placed into off-site storage.
  • Have sufficient lighting—if it’s daytime, leave your window coverings open. If it’s evening, make sure all your lights are on. Lights make your rooms appear larger and more inviting.
  • A bright, cheerful kitchen is always impressive. Remember to clean counter surfaces, dishes, appliances, etc. A bright and refreshing bathroom is also extremely important.
  • Arrange furniture to give a spacious feeling.
  • Avoid clutter. Walk around the perimeter of your house. Remove all garbage cans and debris and all unnecessary lawn items.
  • Keep radios, TVs and stereos off at all times during the showing. They are very distracting to a perspective buyer.
  • Keep radios, TVs and stereos off at all times during the showing. They are very distracting to a perspective buyer.
  • Never assist the salesperson in the showing of your home. Should any questions arise, you will be contacted at the end of the showing period or very soon thereafter.
    Make certain all appliances and mechanical systems are in proper working order unless otherwise noted on the Sellers Disclosure Statement.


With the Larson Group, you have an entire group of dedicated agents, helping you find the perfect place to buy or the right time to sell. For over 28 years, we’ve been successful with clients making them happy. We know we can do the same for you.

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