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ZXQZ Wholesale Arm Machines Power Workout Equipment discount Strengthe Twister

ZXQZ Arm Machines Power Twister Arm Workout Equipment, Strengthe


ZXQZ Arm Machines Power Twister Arm Workout Equipment, Strengthe

Product description

- Do you want to lose weight?
- Do you want to build muscle quickly?
- Do you want to do some exercise without a gym?

☞☞ This one is better designed, safer and great to be able to adjust the resistance. Adults and teenagers can both use it at different power settings. The wrist straps are a great idea for safety. This is a great home exercise machine in current climate of avoiding gyms.

☞☞ Product Details
Name: Hydraulic adjustable arm force
Material: thick carbon steel, PU soft rubber, engineering plastics, hydraulic cylinder
Adjustable strength: 10 -200 kg
Product use: Mainly exercise pectoral muscles, arm muscles, back muscles and other strength training

☞☞ Precautions
1. The opposite direction of the handle cannot be directly aimed at people
2. Do not go all out for exercise, you must leave enough strength to control the rebound force of the arm machine.
3. When using arm muscles, stay two meters away from the crowd
4. This arm strength device cannot be stretched out, otherwise it may damage the machine
5. Adjust the resistance to the minimum level before locking the buckle.
6. There could be kind of ‘zzz’ noise in the hydraulic cylinder when operating, it’s normal, don’t worry.

☞☞ Safety notice
1. For the fitness exercise equipment purchased in this store, please check whether the product is firm before using it, and control the exercise time reasonably according to your physical condition
2. Patients with heart disease, hypertension and other diseases should pay attention to use
3. Children under 12 and seniors over 60 must exercise under the care of their guardians when using fitness equipment
4. When using, make sure that no one is around and keep a safe distance from the surrounding people

☞☞ Service:
Welcome to ZXQZ store, you can have a pleasant shopping experience! If you have any problems with our products, please feel free to contact us at a

ZXQZ Arm Machines Power Twister Arm Workout Equipment, Strengthe

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