Centrifuge,$193,Mini,/centralization5331314.html,Industrial Scientific , Lab Scientific Products,larsongrouprealestate.com,Microcentrifuge,Lab,Machine,Ultra,CGOLDENWALL,Lo $193 CGOLDENWALL Lab Mini Centrifuge Machine Microcentrifuge Ultra Lo Industrial Scientific Lab Scientific Products CGOLDENWALL Lab Very popular! Mini Centrifuge Microcentrifuge Ultra Lo Machine Centrifuge,$193,Mini,/centralization5331314.html,Industrial Scientific , Lab Scientific Products,larsongrouprealestate.com,Microcentrifuge,Lab,Machine,Ultra,CGOLDENWALL,Lo $193 CGOLDENWALL Lab Mini Centrifuge Machine Microcentrifuge Ultra Lo Industrial Scientific Lab Scientific Products CGOLDENWALL Lab Very popular! Mini Centrifuge Microcentrifuge Ultra Lo Machine

CGOLDENWALL Lab Very popular Mini Centrifuge Microcentrifuge Ultra New popularity Lo Machine

CGOLDENWALL Lab Mini Centrifuge Machine Microcentrifuge Ultra Lo


CGOLDENWALL Lab Mini Centrifuge Machine Microcentrifuge Ultra Lo

Product description

Model: TD-6K
Power: 110V/220V
Max. Speed: 6000r/min
Max. Centrifugal Force: 2000xg
Sample capacity: 1.5/0.5/0.2mlx6
Net weight: 1.25kg

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CGOLDENWALL Lab Mini Centrifuge Machine Microcentrifuge Ultra Lo

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